Photo Contest Winners

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Congratulations to the winners of our most recent photo contest! Their work will appear in our 2017 calendar.

First Place

1st place Julie Adkins, Emory in Easter Flowers

Second Place

2nd place Tammy Forbus, Barn with Flag

Third Place

3rd place Next Generation, Krissy Tallent

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January, Photo Taken by Debbie Shaver - Snow Storm

February, Photo Taken by Krissy Tallent - Snowy Hereford

March, Photo Taken by Penny McDaniel - Roger Spraying on the Farm

April, Photo Taken by Karon Johnson - Homeplace Barn

May, Photo Taken by Mikala Morgan - PePaw Teaching Miles about the Tobacco Crop

June, Photo Taken by Lynn Hambrick - Fishing with Family

July, Photo Taken by Krissy Tallent - Fireworks

September, Photo Taken by Krissy Tallent - Silhouette on Kentucky Lake

October, Photo Taken by Debbie Ballard - Emma as a Scarecrow

December, Photo Taken by Penny McDaniel - Father & Son Going Hunting