Like you, agriculture is our passion. 

Whether you farm thousands of acres or a mini farm, River Valley AgCredit has customized products to fit your financial needs.
We offer agricultural loans for operating lines of credit, farm improvement, equipment, livestock, real estate, and much more.
  • Operating lines of credit – Revolving and annual lines of credit are available to farm owners and operators. Payment schedules can be established to conform to your income from crop or livestock sales. An operating loan may allow you to run your spread more efficiently through cash discounts, locked in process and tax benefits.
  • Farm improvement loans – Making upgrades to your farm is vital to your operation. Whether you are updating your barn, adding irrigation or a fence, River Valley can provide the assistance you need to get the job done.
  • Equipment loans – Upgrade or replace inefficient equipment and take advantage of dealer cash discounts by financing through River Valley AgCredit. We have flexible terms, up to seven years with fixed rates.
  • Livestock loans – We specialize in poultry, beef, dairy, swine and more. We can tailor repayment schedules to coincide with your income schedule and operations cash flow.
  • Real estate – We offer an array of products with terms ranging from only a few months to 30 years. There is no need to worry about interest rates; our rates are fixed, and if they come down, we will modify your loan for free!
With River Valley AgCredit we listen to our borrowers’ needs and customize our products to fit your specific operation. We can structure your loans monthly, semi-annually, or annually.

Why choose River Valley AgCredit?

We are experts in the agricultural industry with unmatched terms, competitive rates, and we will even share our profits with our customers. We offer fixed rates for up to 30 years; that is unheard of. Contact us to invest in your future.

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We know you have options when choosing a lender, so what makes River Valley AgCredit different?

We understand life in rural communities because it’s where we live and work every day. Our mission is to deliver financially sound credit services to people like you, who are: 

  • Ready for a change of pace.
  • Ready for a chance to unplug.
  • Ready for a place to plant roots.

If you are considering moving to the country, we at River Valley AgCredit want to set you up for success, whether you are purchasing, refinancing, or constructing. It is never too early to make your dream of living in the country a reality. We offer local service with local decisions. Our rates are fixed for up to 30 years. As rates decrease, we can lower your rate with a note modification for free! Contact us when you are ready to talk about financing your move to the country.

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