Report a Concern

Reporting Suspicious or Fraudulent Communications and Transactions

You should promptly report suspicious activity or e-mail communications to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Send the actual e-mail you received to If you believe you've been scammed, file your complaint at, then visit the FTC's Identity Theft website to learn how to minimize your risk of damage from identity theft.

If you receive a suspicious message that appears to be coming from us, or discover a potentially phony River Valley AgCredit website, please let us know by calling 1-877-422-4203, or by sending e-mail to so that we may take appropriate action.


Employees, customers, business partners and vendors can anonymously report concerns about accounting, financial reporting and audit-related matters. 

River Valley AgCredit, ACA’s anonymous reporting system is through  Ethix360, an unaffiliated service provider. All issues or complaints submitted to Ethix360( or by phone 844-321-9168 (toll free) are kept in confidence and investigated by an impartial team that includes representation from the Board of Directors’ Audit Committee.

 Our Association is headquartered in Mayfield, Kentucky, and serves agribusinesses, farmers, and rural residents in Southwest Kentucky and Southeast Tennessee.