Loans & Leases

Loans & Leases 

Our job is to provide credit to rural America. We've helped thousands of farmers in Kentucky and Tennessee grow their farms and businesses, and we can help you too.


We understand the challenges associated with a farming operation. Operating costs, equipment replacement, capital improvements and expansion all require a source of funding that the average farmer or small business owner may not have readily available. That’s where we come in. 

River Valley AgCredit customizes all of it's lending products to fit the needs of our borrowers. The first step to working with us is to discuss your unique loan needs. 

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  • Real estate 
  • Farms of all sizes
  • Operating lines of credit
  • Equipment
  • Agribusiness
  • Livestock operation (swine, poultry, dairy)

Equipment and Farm Improvement Loans

Upgrade or replace inefficient equipment and take advantage of dealer cash discounts by financing with us. Once you receive approval on your loan request, a full array of flexible terms and interest rates are available. 

Farm Credit EXPRESS 

We offer a program called Farm Credit EXPRESS to promote buying farm equipment, irrigation systems, and equine and agriculture commodity trailers at dealerships in the area offering competitive rates and terms. Farm Credit EXPRESS is fast and convenient because all details, from purchase to closing the loan, are handled right at the dealership. For more information about dealership locations in western Kentucky contact Tiffany Burks at 270-254-6087 or in eastern Tennessee contact Hunter Ballew at 423-453-6433.

Operating Loans

Revolving and annual lines of credit are available to farm owners and operators. Payment schedules can be established to conform to your income from crop or livestock sales. An operating loan may allow you to run your operation more efficiently through cash discounts, locked in prices and tax benefits.


An Agriline Account gives you access to your line of credit 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You receive checks personalized with your name or business and address, so you can write yourself a loan whenever and wherever you want. We mail you monthly statements with all the details of your account activity from the previous month.


FastCash is another safe, dependable way to draw funds from your line of credit loan. All you do is call us, and we'll electronically deposit the amount you need into your checking or savings account. Call before 2:00 p.m., and the funds will be in your account the next day. If your call is received after 2:00 p.m., your transaction will be processed promptly the next business day. The exact time of day the money is credited to your account may depend on your bank's practices.

Automobile and Personal Loans

We provide loans for cars or trucks, college tuition, or just about any credit need for farm owners and operators. As with our other loans, payment schedules can be tailored to coincide with your income.

Leasing Advantages

Wondering if leasing is the right approach for your situation? These are some of the advantages of leasing: 

  • 100% financing
  • Preservation of working capital
  • Improves cash flow
  • Equipment obsolescence
  • Tax management strategy

Loan & Lease Eligibility 

Full-Time Farmers

For individuals whose primary business (more than 50 percent of assets and income) is the production of agricultural products, we can lend for all agricultural and family needs as well as non-agricultural needs. This could include, but is not limited to, automobiles and trucks, educational expenses, home improvements, vacation expenses, and much more.

Part-Time Farmers

For individuals who own agricultural land or produce agricultural products and whose income from agricultural products is less than 50 percent of their total income, we can lend for all agricultural and family needs. Non-agricultural needs are limited relative to the agricultural income.


We can lend money to businesses which process and/or market agricultural products provided that more than 50 percent of the business is owned by farmers who provide at least some of the “throughput.” We can also lend money to businesses that provide services to farmers. The extent to which financing can be provided is based on the amount of the business’s total income from farm-related services.

How is agriculture income defined?

  • Sale of agricultural products
  • Sale of livestock
  • Sale of aquatic products
  • Boarding of horses or other similar services
  • Cash farm rent and hunting and fishing rights
  • Sale of timber and timber growth
  • Poultry and swine contracts
  • "My dad has done business with River Valley for 47 years. He showed me how they always worked with him to keep his operation up and going."

    Ryan Miller, Miller Farms

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